Enlightening the Walk of the Believer
through the Truths of God's Word!!

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Thy word is a lamp unto my feet,
and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:150

KJV, Fundamental,
Conservative Radio!

We seek to be a place where you can find encouraging music and doctrinally sound Bible teaching programs to strengthen your daily walk as a believer. We believe that the internet provides a great means to do that.
It is reported that over 3 Billion people around the world have internet access.

As Missionaries serve the Lord around the world, and with internet access becoming more readily accessible, it is now possible to communicate the hope and strength that only comes through Jesus to them.
Laborers need Strengthened!

The gospel message has become mingled with a lot of ideas produced by men, but The Word of God is just a pure and needful to this generation as to the generations before us. We want to present the Word of God, rightly divided and in its purity.
Right Division of Scripture!

Music is a wonderful means of feeding the soul and uplifting the spirit. We want the music we present to do just that.
Songs that remind us of the Cross, the Coming, and the Crown are our focus!

EnlightenedWalkRadio.com is endorsed by The Parkers Mill Road Baptist Church in Somerset, Kentucky and is committed to taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world via the internet.


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